This year has consisted of four units and I am going to reflect on these and explain what has connected them all together to make up my years work.

The year started with a six week introductory project, I took this time to develop on from previous photos I had taken of racing cars using motion blur and combined this with my love of motorbikes. After experimentation this turned into a series of abstract photos of motorbikes reduced to blurred lines, shapes and colours.

My essay was based on the work I had started in my introductory project, I investigated the links between Abstract Expressionism and motorsport photography. Both were fields that were of interest to me and looking at the links between the two helped to inform my final major project which continued on from the introductory project.

In my final major project, after extensive shooting and experimenting I produced many abstract photographs of motorbikes using various techniques. I ended up with one final photo summing up my FMP and naming my project ‘Speed of a Motorcycle’.

The contextual studies unit consisted of a number of lectures, talks and exhibition visits. Expanding knowledge of art is important in any creative course and informs other aspects of your practice. I have gained valuable information in the artist talks regarding their own work, professional practice and the future.

The professional practice unit gave me an insight into the industry and from that I learnt ways to promote myself through business cards, portfolios and online. I designed business cards, postcards and my website which will allow me to promote myself and network. The completion of a portfolio has enabled me to have a range of my work ready to show to potential employers or clients.

I have linked all four units together through my work and I think this has been beneficial to me as I have learned things from each unit that I could then apply to other units, it has helped my work to flow together as one body rather than individual projects.

My introductory project was the catalyst for the year and my final major project flowed smoothly on from it but in-between was my essay. I took two parts of my introductory project- motorsport photography and Abstract Expressionism- and by finding the links between the two in my essay I could then use this knowledge in my FMP. Things like the use of colour, movement and light heavily influenced my work in this project and these notions were investigated in detail in the essay.

My professional practice work has gone alongside my creative work as now I have completed another project I have updated my business cards, postcards, website and portfolio. This sort of thing will continue to happen as I create new work in the future, by doing this now it has set me up for working in industry in the future as well as working on the unit. I have also carried the same basic layout of my professional practice items over to my FMP in that my photobook made for the FMP has the same theme of black background, white text and the same font as my business cards, website etc. My photographs are also displayed in the professional practice unit as they are what I am using to network and promote myself so it’s important that these two units link together because they both need to interrelate in order for me to make a career.

Having lectures, gallery visits and various artists talks has helped me gain knowledge of the art world and as my FMP was influenced mainly by painters and the abstract expressionism movement that was essential. In the creative industry it is good to broaden your knowledge of many different aspects as this can be influential in future projects or in your practice in general and this is something I have kept in mind throughout the year. I feel that although the contextual unit linked in the least with my other work, it was still an essential part of the year.

I liked to take elements from the different units and cross them over as I feel it has made everything I have done over the year look like a more complete body of work when looked at together. I feel like the FMP has been my strongest unit but the introductory project and my essay are what has helped to make it strong.

All four units have been intricately connected and complemented each other which is what I set out to do and I think it has worked. I feel like I have kept the same sort of theme in my work throughout the year and that has helped me in my creative vision for the future.


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