I took a lot of photos for my FMP and when I was looking at them all together I thought they would look good together in a photos book of the project. I edited them down and got a range that I liked the most and put them together to make a photobook.

I started by choosing the type of book I wanted because that’s important, I wanted it to look quite professional and show the photos off in their best light. I think the little details you choose can have a big effect on the overall book so I took time to think about the extra details. I chose a matte finish on the outside of the book because I like the look and feel of a matte finished book, I also chose to have thicker paper and to take the Photobox logo off of the back, I think all those things made it look more professional.

I made the book on a website called Photobox and it was a good site to use, it had lots of options and types of book, I went for a black A3 landscape book with black pages. I wanted it quite big as I think the photos look good printed out quite large as a lot of paintings and abstract work lends itself to being big and that has influenced my work also. I wanted black pages as I think it helps the bright colours in many of my photos stand out and I also have black backgrounds in my portfolio, website and business cards so I like it to tie together.

I also chose to have the same font that I use on my business cards, website and portfolio. I wanted a simple font anyway and I like the idea of it all tying together even though they are not absolutely related but they are a bit. I chose white text to contrast directly with the black pages.

I really didn’t want to have a lot of text in the book, I wanted the photos to speak for themselves and also for the viewers to look through and have their own opinions, not having it all explained for them. I think the photos would be better than words. Also if I had labelled each photo and said where I took it and what it is of then it would ruin the ambiguity and abstract nature of the images. I just put a sentence at the start briefly explaining it and the rest is photos.

The layout and photos I chose was an important decision, I wanted a range of photos from my project and I wanted to have them going in an order of starting with the least abstract ones where it’s kind of visible that it’s a bike to the end where its complete abstraction and they look more painterly. Some are full page and some are two on a page but each set of pages fit together and I put photos together that I thought looked good next to each other.

I also thought that if a viewer saw my final print and wanted to know a bit more about it then this book would give a little more away and the title of the project would make more sense. They could see the transformation of the bike slowly fading into more colours and lines until they get to the end which is my final print.

Front Page


Some inside pages




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