A member of my group showed me an interesting project by an artist called Brice Bischoff called ‘Bronson Caves’ made in 2009 and 2010 at Griffith Park, Los Angeles. He made it using a 5×4 camera and lots of coloured sheets of paper in caves.

He used long exposures and waved the paper around in these caves and it has created these amazing photos of blurred colour in this cave background and they are so cool. Because of the long exposures the paper has become more transparent and almost smoke like in texture, it gives the photos an amazing mystical effect. The colours of the paper are beautiful and when they all mix in with each other, the colours look so vibrant and really stand out against the cave setting.

The blurriness and colour remind me of my photos, especially ones with the paper that looks like it’s moving across the photo. I think it’s a really interesting idea and it’s a great set of photos, they are all different despite being made in similar ways and that is a bit like my project as well.









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