I came across this crazy film by Matthew Barney called Cremaster 4 from 1994 and it’s set on the Isle of Man and very slightly linked to the TT, well there are motorbikes going around the TT course.

The film makes no sense to me and it is so weird and very freaky. One minute a sidecar is driving around the Isle of Man, then it goes to rooms with people and strange things inside. I couldn’t watch it all because it was way too weird and I had no idea what was going on at any time, I read the synopsis and still didn’t understand.

I thought I would put it on the blog because it is very abstract although in a completely different way to my project and it has motorbikes and the Isle of Man in which are more closely related to my project. It is certainly different to any other TT film or actually anything I have ever watched but it was someone’s creative visionary and maybe it makes sense to them but just not me.





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