I have ordered my final print!

There were a few decisions I needed to make before that though, the first being what I wanted it printed on. I wanted something that would be sturdy and look professional and my tutors advised me to print on dibond which I think is a good idea. At Printspace we looked at all the mounting options and the dibond looked nice and professional so I think it will be good with my print. There will be battens on the back for me to put it on the wall.

I didn’t want any framing as many paintings are borderless and as my photo sort of looks like a painting I thought it suited no border. I also put a matte seal on the print just to protect it more, this way it is less likely to get damaged. On my test prints I decided I wanted the paper to be C-type matte so that is what it’s going to be printed on.

Finally I needed to decide what size I wanted it. it was going to be either A1 or A0 and after looking at what I wanted on the Printspace website and calculating the price I went with A1, A0 was over double the price and very expensive. I also thought about what it would look like on the wall and as I am not totally sure where it will be put in the show I wanted to consider the space around me and if there would be enough room for people to stand back and look at the whole picture. A0 is very big and I think if the space in front wasn’t big enough for people to be able to see it all then it wouldn’t have the same impact. A1 is a better size to see it all and it will still be big so will still have the effect I wanted of having an impact and looking like a painting.

So now I have to wait for it to arrive and go in the show.


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